Joe Pass and Bill Thrasher Manuscript

About 30 years ago I lived in Santa Barbara California. I was a classical guitarist looking to learn how to play jazz. A friend of mine told me off a jazz guitar teacher named Bill Thrasher. I called , and eventually it became the Joe Pass method. Bill was not very happy about that., we became good friends. One day he told me of a meeting that he had had with Joe Pass. He said that Joe was going to write a book and that he wanted me to help. So Bill wrote about 200 pages of texted. Bill ended up giving me the copy he had written. So if you want one let me know?


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Performing at Weddings

images   One of the experiences I enjoy the most is performing at weddings. I am the wedding guitarist. I’ve been providing great guitar music for weddings here on California’s beautiful central coast for many years.
Here’s what I think you’ll want – a seasoned professional who is confident at his job. You don’t want to be worrying about the music on your special day. I know that you’ll want beautiful music playing when     your guests arrive. That’s why I’ll already be set up and playing 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. Your early arrivers will be treated to a mini-concert. As the ceremony gets underway, I’ll be playing the pieces you’ve selected to lead your wedding party down the aisle. And then comes that glorious moment when all eyes are fixed on the bride as she makes her entrance. Here the timing must be just right, with the most fitting music playing boldly. At the conclusion of the ceremony you’ll want the music to reflect the joy of the moment as bride and groom join to make their triumphant exit. My goal is to keep a jubilant cushion of sound going throughout. It will be your soundtrack.Please call me to discuss how I can assist with your wedding music.

James Bachman

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Sessions with Ted Greene

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